All SkyCell containers are equipped with IoT sensors that connect to our data cloud. Through our service, we can remotely monitor and intervene on every container to ensure the same stringent quality standards wherever they’re located.







Your SkyCell is tracked around the globe

Our monitoring software is based on blockchain technology. With our infrastructure of IoT sensors and gateways, our smart containers offer a level of security and compliance unparalleled in the industry. No container is cleared for use unless our software indicates it is in perfect condition. Our real-time monitoring service allows us to intervene immediately when deviations occur in the supply chain.


SkyCell Transport Planner

Our big data pool of real-world temperature analysis allows us to simulate container shipping routes, eliminating lab tests or trial and error. It also lets our clients take a risk-based approach, supporting their validation process and letting them set performance expectations in advance.

Blockchain Infrastructure

Blockchain technology has become the gold standard for security and data verification. Even before the hype, we used a type of blockchain to track and trace our containers within our private infrastructure. Now we’re moving our system to a decentralized platform to harness the full potential of this technology.

“Even before the hype, we used parts of blockchain technology to track and trace our containers on a decentralized database.”

Thomas Taroni,
Head of IT at SkyCell

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